China: the Second Largest Ad Market in the World


After several years of rapid expansion, the advertising market of China has become the second biggest in the world. Now, the total annual revenue of the countries advertising companies has reached $80 billion (£47.352 billion) in 2013.

E-commerce Purchases go through Mobile Phone in China


The sales through Mobile commerce (or M-commerce) are set to exceed $51 billion by the end of this year, with an average of 50% growth over the next two years, exceeding $115 billion by 2016. Year over year, M-commerce has grown 165.4% since 2012. 69% of Chinese consumers have purchased a product through their Smartphones, compared to only 46% in the U.S.

Purchasing Behaviours amongst Chinese Consumers


According to a recent report (by PricewaterhouseCoopers), 14% of Chinese shop online daily. Over 60% claim to shop online at least once a week, which is much higher than the global average of just 5% who shop online everyday and 21% every week. The average monthly online purchases per person in 2012 in China is 8.4 (compared to 5.2 in the U.S., and 4.3 in the U.K.)

Search Engine Marketing in China


Google is censored in China. So there is no interest to invest for better ranking in this search engine. Google no longer hosts its search engine within China and has instead rerouted its .cn domain to Hong Kong, where it collectively dominates 57% of the market. However, China has its equivalents in online search engines.