About TradeWise Solution

TradeWise - Global E-Commerce Solution

TradeWise Solution is your premier partner for expansion into China. We break down barriers to find revenue for your company in every segment of the ecommerce supply chain. China's ecommerce market has been the fasted growing in the world at 120% compound growth between 2003- 2012. With sales revenue at $120 billion how can you afford to miss out?

We have dedicated team in both UK and China to provide cross border and cross time zone support. We offer 4 key services to ensure you succeed.

Martkeing - We can provide customised marketing strategies via social media, SEO and traditional marketing practices.

Logisitics - We have multi-carrier solution shipping into China including exclusive entry into China via China Post.

Finance - We are one of very few financial payment integrators that can accept Chinese currency payment.

IT Solution - Discover trends in China that gives you an advantage over your competitors.